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New Android App requires 20 testers before releasing to Production

Explore new testing requirements for personal developer accounts on Google Play, ensuring app quality. Learn about for tester acquisition.

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In November 2023, Google Play announced significant changes in the requirements for developers with personal accounts aiming to publish new apps. These changes are designed to enhance the app testing process, enabling developers to identify issues, gather feedback, and ensure readiness before launching their apps. This article delves into the updated testing requirements, provides an overview of different testing tracks within Play Console, outlines the necessary steps for developers with personal accounts to make their apps available to users on Google Play, and introduces as a solution for acquiring testers.

Why Testing Matters:

Testing is an essential aspect of app development. It ensures the correctness, functionality, and usability of an app before its public release. By conducting thorough tests, developers can minimize technical glitches and enhance user experience, ultimately leading to higher app ratings and increased success on Google Play.

Introducing Testing Requirements:

To uphold the standard of quality apps on Google Play, new testing requirements have been introduced. Developers with personal accounts created after November 13, 2023, are mandated to test their apps before they can be published for distribution. Certain features within Play Console, such as Production and Pre-registration, will be inaccessible until these requirements are fulfilled.

Overview of Testing Requirements:

For developers with newly created personal accounts, a closed test for the app must be conducted, involving a minimum of 20 testers who have been opted-in for at least the last continuous 14 days. Upon meeting these criteria, developers can apply for production access via the Dashboard in Play Console, enabling them to distribute their app on Google Play. During the application process, developers are required to provide information about their app, testing procedures, and readiness for production.

Introducing for Testing Solutions:

With, developers can easily connect with a pool of reliable testers who can provide valuable feedback and insights during the app testing phase. By utilizing 20 App Tester Service , developers can ensure a smooth and efficient testing process, meeting the requirements set forth by Google Play for app publication.

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Types of Testing Tracks:

Google Play offers various testing tracks to cater to different developer needs. These tracks include:

Closed Testing: Allows developers to test their app with a selected group of users before its public release.

Open Testing: Enables developers to distribute their app to a wider audience for testing purposes.

Production Testing: Marks the final stage where the app is ready for public release.

Applying for Production Access:

Once the testing requirements are met, developers can apply for production access through the Dashboard in Play Console. The application process involves answering questions to provide insights into the app's functionality, testing process, and readiness for distribution.


The new app testing requirements for personal developer accounts on Google Play signify a commitment to delivering high-quality apps to users. By adhering to these requirements and utilizing the testing tracks available in Play Console, developers can ensure that their apps meet the desired standards of functionality and user experience before being made available to the public. With services like, developers can streamline the testing process and acquire reliable testers to further enhance the quality of their apps, contributing to their success and reputation on Google Play.