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ChatGPT Unveils Desktop App for Mac Users; Windows Version Coming Soon

Find out about ChatGPT's new desktop app for Mac users. It fits smoothly into your work and makes talking with ChatGPT easier.

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OpenAI's ChatGPT has made a big step forward with a new desktop app for Mac users. They're also working on one for Windows. This is great news because it means more people can use ChatGPT on their computers.

Works Well with Your Stuff

The new desktop app fits nicely with what you're already doing on your computer. You can ask ChatGPT questions about what you see on your screen by typing or talking to it. It's easy to use and makes talking with ChatGPT smoother.

Easy to Get

Once the desktop app is ready, you can download it from one simple link. Just go to and get it.

GPT-4o: Makes Chats Better

They're also giving everyone access to their newest language model, GPT-4o, for free. This will make ChatGPT even better at chatting with you.


With the new desktop app for Mac and the upcoming one for Windows, ChatGPT is becoming even more useful. It's all about making it easier for everyone to have good conversations with ChatGPT, no matter what computer they use.